Terms and conditions


The following are the terms and conditions which applies to the effective usage of the blog. Therefore users are expected to adhere to the below terms and conditions before you can comment, post and contribute.

1. The site is not out to promote a particular Political Party,Tribe,Religion or sects or any Socio-Cultural Group. Therefore any comment(s) or article for publication that portray or aimed at promoting the aforementioned shall not be approved by the Admin.

2.This blog is like a forum where we share our thought and ideas as concerns the progress of Igbeti Community. Therefore writers are encourage to write in plain language, but every writer should ensure accuracy of their reports. So verify your figures before you write.

3. Every write shall responsible for his/her write-ups, as such write-up shall be considered the writer’s personal opinion.

4. Only the Admin(s) reserves the right to approve any comment, contribution or articles for publication in this blog.

5.The user shall not use abusive, offensive or vague language in their comments,article or contribution. Therefore all such should be avioded, because if such is found such comment,article or contribution shall never be approved or published.

6.As much as we shall try to protec writers, Users are encourage to use their real names and contacts, to comment on various posts or while writing an article. However for security reasons some articles may be publishes without writers real name, if the article satisfied some rules, but the writer need to be protected.

7. Please do not negotiate, deal or contact anybody for anything whatsoever, if you have any question(s) use the contacts provided only in this blog to contact the admin. Here…


Every write-ups and Articles, are personal opinion of the writers and never the general opinion of the Admin and of generality of people of Igbeti Land.



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